Chemical Rehabilitation for Water Wells

Over time, water well screens, filter packs, and adjacent aquifer materials can accumulate a buildup of biofilm or mineral encrustations, resulting in degradation of the production. Johnson Screens’ Nu-Well® family of chemicals for water well rehabilitation can help clear blockages and restore well efficiency – keeping a well at peak efficiency and extending its life.

Nu-Well® products used within the well are NSF certified for use in potable water wells and other water filtering facilities.

Lower the Operation Cost of Your Wells

Nu-Well chemicals can lower the overall operation costs by:

  • Reducing draw-down in the well
  • Eliminating out-of-water emergencies
  • Increasing the life of the pump and well

Find Out the Nu-Well Chemical Right For You

Use the flowcharts below to select the right Nu-Well chemical for your application.

Johnson Screesn Nu-Well Selection Chart NSF 60 Certified                Johnson Screens Nu-Well Well Development Chlorination Selection Chart NSF 60 Certified

Use our Well Cleaning and Chlorinating Tool to design your well chemical treatment

Keep Water Wells Healthy

Throughout its life, a water well can develop classic symptoms of illnesses that impact the quality of the water produced. That is a critical problem when the well’s function is to produce drinking water or water for the production of food and beverage products.

Johnson Screens’ Nu-Well family of NSF-60 Certified well chemicals improve water well production and extend the life of your well.

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