An efficient filter pack is critical for the well’s productivity and longevity by providing a zone around the screen with a higher permeability than the natural formation. That allows the maximum flow to the well and easy access to the reservoir for production. The filter pack must consist of well-rounded, uniformly graded material and be properly sized according to samples of the natural formation.

Johnson Screens’ Sand Pak and Shur-PakTM are highly uniform and quality controlled filtration materials that efficiently restrict the natural formation (sand-free production) yet provide optimum permeability.

Shur-PakTM Glass Bead Filter Pack is an NSF Certified product according to the Standard 61 – Drinking Water System Components, and it is fit for drinking water production in municipalities and food and beverage industries.

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Shur-Pak™ Glass Bead NSF-61 Certified Filter Pack

Shur-Pak™ Glass Bead NSF-61 Certified Filter Pack

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